A holiday in Egypt is meaningless, if you don't take a look at the exotic menu served at the Egypt hotels. You will miss a lifetime opportunity to feel the warmth of the Egyptian hospitality, if you forget to step in to one of these luxurious hotels. Apart from the five star luxury hotels, there are many hotels that are customized according the varying needs of the travelers in Egypt. If you wish to see the complete list of Egypt hotels and resorts, please have a look at the website www.sti-travel.com.

Egypt hotels are spread across various cities, most of them being in the highly populated cities such as Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. The popular hotel companies such as Le Meridian, Sheraton, Grand Hyatt, and Hilton have made their presence felt in the Egyptian cities. Most of them are five star hotels, with luxurious accommodation and exotic cuisines.

Most importantly, all of the hotels listed in the STI Travel website are located near the important tourist locations, and hence they mostly accommodate tourists like you. The Nile Hilton, for example, is a five star hotel that is situated along River Nile, giving a panoramic view of the pyramids, sphinx and the citadel located along the river.

The hotels in Egypt are not just a place to keep your luggage and give rest to your body. They open a different world in front of you, a world of music, dance, and recreation. If you ever wished to enjoy an Italian concert, here it is. If you ever wished to taste the Middle Eastern cuisine, here it is. For those of you who wish to enjoy a typical Egyptian evening with a specially flavored shisha (water pipe), there is a Shisha Cafe at Le Meridian Pyramids Resorts at Cairo. The hotels here serve all kinds of cuisines, including Oriental, Mexican and Mediterranean.

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