When people say they are under constant stress or feeling stressed, it can be anything from over-exhaustion and emotional anguish to basic bouts with everyday anxiety. The best stress buster is a long and soothing vacation. And if that vacation is Egyptian vacation it's a dream come true. Traveling to Egypt or Egyptian vacations is affordable. Nothing can actually compare to an Egypt vacation.

Egypt is not just the land of pyramids but also the land of the mighty Pharaohs, the Great Pyramids and Ancient Egypt sphinx tour. Egypt's Great Pyramids are one of the Seven Wonders of Antiquity. Egyptian vacations means it's an adventure back in time, to the Cradle of Civilization, the Black Land, as it was called thousands of years ago. At last, Egyptian vacations doesn't have to be a pricey affair.

Many people find it difficult to take vacations, mainly because of their work schedules and tight deadlines. However, anyone coming to Egypt is bound to enjoy not just natural wonders but also the best locales. In short, from the Pyramids to the Egyptian Valley of the Kings, the Arab Republic of Egypt exudes rich and glorious history. Egypt is one place that has ample land, but much of it is sparsely inhabited. The majority of the population and tourists places are located along the Nile River; there is a particularly large concentration of inhabitants in Egypt's capital Cairo and in its second largest metropolis, Alexandria.

During an Egyptian vacations, travelers visit the pyramids and various archeological vestiges of the Pharaohs. Egypt is almost completely reliant upon the Nile River. Without the Nile, Egypt would be bereft of its heritage and modern state. One of the main highlights of Egypt holiday is Cairo.

Cairo is the historian's haven and an architect's delight. However, even if you aren't a historian or an architect but feel intrigued by all the different stories, movies and documentaries that you have come across about Egypt and are interested in living the experience, don't wait, set off for a vacation in Egypt. The main highlight of Egyptian vacations is that during your tour you won't feel bored. This is one place which offers something for everyone. If you love to try different cuisines then Egypt is a gastronome's delight.

In Egypt you can enjoy a traditional Egyptian meal consisting of kebabs and kofta, this latter is made of ground meat and a mix of spices and cooked over coal; slow-cooked Fava beans are a staple of Egyptian cookery. However, if you are not a foodie and are not very excited on teasing your taste buds, you can simply settle for continental meals and a variety of international cuisine familiar to you. Pack your bags and hit this marvelous place now. For more information on Egyptian vacations, Egypt travel packages, Egypt cruise and stay, Egypt tour operators, and Egyptian museum tours visit www.sti-travel.com now.