Book a Dubai vacation package from STI Travel, and you'll have enough cash left over for a long shopping session.

Packages are the best way to make the most of your budget, and to forget about all the worries of getting separate bookings and tickets for everything. Instead, you can just relax and make the most of your vacations to Dubai - a place which definitely deserves your undivided attention.

Dubai is the ultimate paradise for shoppers everywhere. Its malls and markets are as fabled as Egypt's pyramids or France's Eiffel Tower. People come to the Emirates simply to stroll in a mall - and some are big enough that you can get lost for days.

Traditional Markets and Merchandise
Of course, when you hear Dubai, you think of the tallest buildings in the world, of artificial islands, and of super-malls. But there is a traditional lifestyle going on, and it's definitely worth checking it out, in the souks, or traditional markets. The most famous of them - the Deira Souks - are located on the banks of the Dubai Creek. Sellers here expect you to haggle, even if it's just for the show, so humor them (but keep in mind that this is valid only in the souks - if you find the same shop that has a branch in a mall, the sellers there won't be willing to offer you a bargain).

The Gold Souk offers huge, dazzling quantities of high-quality gold, thrown in what seems to be no particular order (but rest assured that the security is very tight and the sellers know exactly what they've got on display at all times). The prices tend to be quite close to the weight price of gold, and therefore the workmanship is often not that interesting.

The Grand Malls of Dubai
The Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world, and forms the entrance to the Burj Khalifah, the tallest building in the world. Indeed, the city of Dubai has gone to all length to top every possible record, and you'll find over 1,200 brand stores in this mall, not to mention a host of other attractions. You could send weeks here without getting bored - but, since you'll have to leave Dubai Mall, eventually, you can move to one of the other great shopping venues, such as the Mall of the Emirates, the Mercato, or the Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

If you plan to book a Dubai vacation package mainly for the purpose of the shopping experience, it's highly recommended to time it either in January or February, so it overlaps the Dubai Shopping Festival, which is the biggest even of its type in the Middle East, or during the summer, for the similar festival called Dubai Summer Surprises. For both of them, you can expect huge sales at almost all shops, and a lot of special offers and deals. In addition, travel packages to Dubai tend to be cheaper during summer, which is the low moment of the tourist season, so you might get a very good overall deal for this.