There’s no better place to go on a honeymoon, either for a first or a second time, than France. Take a tour of France with one of Holiday Central’s France Holiday travel packages.

Places to visit in Northern France

  • Paris
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Bordeaux

For our honeymoon we went on a weeklong tour of the France. Me and The Mrs. Decided to take a fantastic tour of the French country side as well as the cities; there was so much to see, both in the cities and in the countryside, it was fantastic!

The tour we selected using with France holiday tours and packages provided by Holiday Central started us out by seeing the beautiful city of Lyon; there are just so many awesome sights to see there. We visited the Confluence Centre, Vieux Lyon, and the Roman Amphitheatre too! After that we moved on to some even better things!

Through the countryside we drove for a few short hours, experiencing the beautiful regions as well as some fantastic vineyards which stretched as far as the eye could see until we arrived in Bordeaux. The wine grapes were just so tantalizing to look at!

The France holiday packages we chose from had us seeing all of the prime culture and fashion in Bordeaux, especially the art and history. Bordeaux has tones of museums and art shows to see. Thanks to the France holiday tour package we chose we even had time to see St-Andres Gothic Cathedral; was it beautiful!

The next stop on our tour was Marseille, if you love rich culture, quaint squares and French gourmet shops then this is the place for you!

The last few days of our France Holiday Travel package took us a little further to Nice along the Mediterranean; it’s right on the Mediterranean sea so the view is magnificent, we even got a few days of swimming at the beach in, the water was so warm and nice!

Finally the tour took us on a magnificent boat ride along the coast of the Mediterranean and we saw all kinds of beautiful fish; I even went for a little swim right off of the boat.

There was no better way to spend a honeymoon than by touring around France with the love of my life and seeing some very beautiful cities, courtesy of Holiday Central.