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If a holiday trip to Italy has been your dreams for more years than you can count, but have been discouraged by the cost, then now is the time to explore the options of affordable Italy vacation packages that are tailored to your budget.

The best part of this vacation package is that in less than a week, you can get a taste of Italy. The smartest thing to do would be to book your tickets directly to Rome and start your holiday from there.

What are the places you absolutely need to have on your itinerary if you are creating an affordable Italy vacation package?

holiday trip to Italy would be incomplete without visiting the capital city, Rome. The place where emperors and gladiators lived out lives of glory and drama! Visit the Colosseum, where you can still soak in the ambience that had gladiators engaged in hand-to-hand combat to the roars of thousands of spectators. From here, you can walk through the streets of the Roman Forum, where you can still find centuries-old monuments that were used for religious, civil, and military purposes. From here, you can walk to Capitoline Hill, which was again the stage for political intrigue in ancient times. If you want truly memorable night, then walk through the streets of Rome at night, taking in the several piazzas that connect the streets of Rome, as well as the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and the Spanish Steps.

From Rome, hop onto a day trip to reach Tuscany, the wine growing region that was made famous in countless movies and novels. Here, you can visit several historic cities in one single day, such as Siena, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Chianti, etc. You can visit a Tuscany winery and enjoy a wine tasting with cheese, breads, and olive oil. The cities that are in Tuscany are historic places. San Gimignano is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is known as the the “Manhattan of Tuscany”. Indulge in the world famous gelato that is only found here! If you visit in the months of July and August, you can view the renowned Palio horse race in Siena. Monteriggioni is the most well-preserved medieval town (and also where the movie Gladiator was shot). Chianti has panoramic views that you will never forget!

Pompeii and Naples:
Yes, these two historic towns are also just a day trip from Rome. Naples being the oldest town and the birthplace of the pizza, is also a center architecture of different time periods, from castles to churches. The Umberto I Gallery and San Carlo’s theatre are other historic places. Pompeii is where you can soak in the feel of a medieval town that was covered in the ashes of the Vesuvian volcanic eruption. Something you will never forget!

Coming back from these places to Rome, you will have memories to last a lifetime which has taken just a few days to create!