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Egypt, the country that holds a deep history in its heart, has a strong economy because of this history. There is a high percentage of tourist which makes the economy depend on tourism. Basically, the economy depends upon agriculture, petroleum imports, natural gas, media and tourism. Egypt has the most popular tourist destinations since antiquity. The history of Egypt has many cultures embedded in. The most recognized culture or trend-setter of the time is the language of Arabic. The spoken Arabic language has many words of Ancient Egypt words. These were the words which gave birth to the literature traces which developed as a modern literature named as book.

Egypt is one of the major countries that codify art designs, patterned elements and architecture. The wall paintings with the hidden meanings inside depict the culture and historical incidents of Egyptians. Contemporary and modern art of Egypt can be as diverse as any of the arts in the world. The showcase of paintings and art attracts tourists towards it. The discounted travel packages given by STI Travel force one to visit this exotic country. The extremely affordable packages getting everyone attentive towards them.

You would be thinking that why visit Egypt? The first thing is that you should get out of the boring routine during these summer vacations and grab the fun with your friends and family. The legacy of Egypt is a reflection of it historical iconic monuments. The beauty of these monuments can be seen at Valley ok Kings, Thebes, Karnak and Memphis. These structures are enriched with the heritage identity that is also influenced by other foreign cultures.

Egypt being the neighbor of Red Sea has a decisive location on the southwest Asian land. The Nile River when touches the shores at Egypt, the heart-robbing sunset is not to be missed out. Days spent at the corners of the river leave beautiful memories. The shine of the sun warming the sand of Sahara Desert dissolve the scenario in the eyes of the viewers. And don't you want to have pictures at the ever-existing pyramids of Egypt? The most ancient pyramids, Giza Necropolis having the massive structure give a prominent image about the culture and architecture.

After knowing much about Egypt, you still want to give it a second thought? Then wait! Think about the beautiful cities and urban areas of Egypt. The San Stefano Grand Plaza and the view from Cairo will drop your jaws. The sea-way artificial water canal, Suez Canal allows ships to travel through. These things would make you fall in love with.

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