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Important religious destinations in Egypt:
Deir Al-Muharraq Monastery : Deir Al-Muharraq, south of Assiut, is considered to be a holy spot for Christians. There is a stone altar here which is believed to be the place where Jesus used to sleep and where the Holy Family stayed for 6 months. On this location, a monastery was erected, which has now about 800 monks.

Al- Ashmunayn: Al- Ashmunayn is located in Al-Minya in Egypt. This spectacular site was a thriving port on the Nile when visited by the Holy Family. Now impressive remnants from the many civilizations that have occupied this spot before and after the visit of the Holy Family. Ashmunayn contains exquisite examples of pharaonic ruins and a massive underground basilica that was built in the fifth century.

Gabel el-Teir : Located on a cliff, Gabel el- Teir (Bird mountain) is situated around 20 kms from Minya in Eygpt. Many pilgrims are seen visiting this beautiful monastery. This mountainside monastery is built on the site of the cave where the Holy Family is thought to have stayed as they fled upriver from the pursuing soldiers. The monastery is located literraly in the midst of Egypt at its exact geographical center. Mostorod and Tell Basta : Mostorod is religiously significant as it is here where the Virgin Mary is said to have given a bath to her Son.The famous St. Mary's church can still be seen here today. Tell Basta contains some ruins, which had many idols in ancient times that were subsequently destroyed.

Wadi- Al Natroun: Wadi Al Natrum Natroun is known for it's its monastries, dating back to the 4th century, A.D . This place is visited by many pilgrims since it has some of the oldest Christian monastries of the early historic era in the world.

Oral tradition says that Jesus stood at the edge of the Western desert and told his mother that someday this desert would be filled with spiritual fighters. Since those days thousands of monks have lived and worshipped in this area. Visit the monasteries of al Sorian, al Baramose to see how monks have lived for hundreds of years and how they live now.

St. Catherine Monastery: St Catherine is a religious center for pilgrims as it was built at the foot of Mount Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments . This ancient monastery has been notorious for almost 15 centuries and possesses some of the most valuable ancient religious manuscripts in its famous library.

Old Coptic Cairo: Visit Old Cairo, the site of the Coptic museum housing early Christian artifacts; the Hanging Church, dating back to the 4th century; the church of Abu Serga, where Jesus is said to have taken refuge, church of St. George and St. Barbara church. Then walk through the subterranean streets to the temple of Ben Ezra, a synagogue that marks the spot believed by many to be the place where the pharaoh's daughter found baby Moses.

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