Spain enjoys an ideal location on the Iberian Peninsula. With the Mediterranean to the south, the Bay of Biscay and the Pyrenees Mountains in the north and everything in between, this country has a vast array of destinations to explore and enjoy.

From the wonderful beaches and colorful towns in la “Costa del Sol’ to the lively cities in Catalonia, villages out of storytelling books in the Basque country, and awe-inspiring Castilla de Leon towns, Spain has everything under the rainbow.  

Your travel preferences are all considered in our customized packages. We make sure to include sites and visits that reflect the profound and diverse historical roots of this amazing destination as well as the awe-inspiring natural wonders bestowed to this one-of-a-kind country.

Modern Spain is the result and blend of multiple settlers throughout the years and thus convey the wonders and beauty of the different people who have inhabited the Peninsula. This diverse heritage can be reflected on their peoples’ traditions, lifestyle, and food and wines! 

Enjoy tapas with a “tinto de Verano” or a “caña” on a crowded Madrid Plaza or enjoy “siesta time” by the sea in the “Costa Brava “or discover the unparalleled art collections at renowned museums. Spain has a plethora of activities and destinations to discover, enjoy and delight.