One of nature’s finest creations is the peninsula surrounded by Adriatic sea in the east, Ionian Sea in the southeast and Tyrrhenian Sea in the south west and the southern most corner extended in Mediterranean Sea. She has France, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland as her northern boundaries. She possesses certain islands such as Sicily and Sardinia and is located at the meeting points of Africa and Eurasia. With a huge diversity of climatic as well as textural variety Italy stands out in its uniqueness. From the Alps to the Dolomites, from the kayaking in the rivers of Venice to the sculptural beauty of the Roman churches, one is left standing in awe at the Nature’s creation. Here are some natural and rare beauties of Italy vacation packages which should be covered while touring.

Colli Euganei

- The Euganean hills is an archipelago which has some volcanic hills, is located in the area of Pianura Padana Valley.

Cortina D’ampezzo

– It’s the queen of dolomites. With a gush of fresh air over the face this is the apt place to go for biking, running or trekking .the comfortable climate and not so high altitudes, it makes the place a very pleasant one.

Alcantara Gorge

- the beautiful Alcantara River stars just outside Floresta and empties itself in Ionian Sea and flows over the city Giardini Naxos carves a picturesque gorge which is worth sight seeing.

Cavagrande Cassibile Canyon- Located

in the Hyblaean Mountains of Sicily, one stares in awe at the Cavagrande Cassibile Canyon which is carved in the rocks by the river Cassibile.

There are some amazing beaches well hidden in the gulfs and carves of the ranges which makes the place exquisite for its natural beauties.

Italy travel holidays also include the secret sea side, Cala Gonone in Sardinia or the city of Venice or Rome or Florence.

Cala Gonone is a place where one could enjoy with friends or families or even get secluded beaches for couples to have a wonderful vacation. A belt of pine woods with mountains in the backdrop, Cala Gonone is a small place with few villas and restaurants. It has a small port from where the boats take the tourists to different places along the coast such as Cala Fulli, which is inaccessible by roads.

Venice wrapped in winters makes the place eerie as one can hear his own footsteps echoing. It is chilling cold but is beautiful in its unique way. A hot cup of chocolate or a long walk around the island of Torcello is quite extra ordinary. However the Venice carnivals are very entertaining with people in rare masks hiding their identities.

Whereas, Rome has its exquisite sculptures and Florence its artistic galleries which have great creations of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci both have great shops, restaurant sand tourist attractions. The CENTRAL HOLIDAYS gives its customers affordable Italy Travel Packages so as to enjoy their trip to the utmost.