Located in the eastern of Europe, Greece is among the top vacation destinations in the world. It enjoys one of the longest coastlines with spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, mountainous landscape and authentic culture. It takes pride in its ancient history yet it also offers modern and cultural experiences. There are different types of Greece vacations. Each Greece vacation can be tailored around a theme whether romantic, adventure, waterborne, beach/idyllic, cultural, hiostorical – or a mix of these. The difference is basically in the activities you choose on your Greece vacation package.

Some of the most popular Greece vacation packages are: luxury or budget, summer or winter and active or relaxing. To make the most of your vacation you may choose to go to the islands. For you the island hopping Greece vacation package would be ideal. The luxurious Greece vacation package is more popular with the honeymooners and couples making Greece one of the top wedding and honeymoon destinations. The tourist destinations such as Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Corfu, and Rhodes combine beach amenities and breathtaking vistas with romance. The seasonal Greece vacation packages vary in popularity with summer being the most popular and more pricey. This means that autumn and spring see fewer tourists, but there are several advantages to taking a Greece vacation in the off peak seasons. These are; cheaper vacation rates, less crowded destinations, and quality relaxation. It also gives a chance to discover Greece off the beaten track.

The active Greece vacation package creates a diversion from sightseeing and swimming in the beautiful waters of Greece’s beaches. This package also includes beach parties and visiting attractions. For the adventurous at heart water sports are an amazing opportunity. The different water sports availalable include: snorkeling, skiing, scuba diving, cycling, river trekking, sailing, hiking and climbing. Autumn and summer are the seasons for Greece activity vacation packages. You can also change your mode of transportation to a tourist destination depending on what is better for that particular destination. Crete is best known for hiking while Leros is perfect for scuba diving. Kalymnos is best known for mountaineering. It becomes abundantly clear that the Greece tourism calendar probably stretches all year round and with the recent promotion of winter activities and games, you can be assured of a great Greece vacation any time. As a tourist you are well catered for all year round with an abundance of choice, just take a chance on Greece.