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Situated perfectly between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Chile’s chic cities, natural beauty, and warm, welcoming people make this an ever-enticing destination to explore with Central Holidays. Its obvious European influence is apparent throughout the country, its people, their culture and cuisine, as well as in their ancestor’s history. Take your time on our Chile travel packages as you explore Santiago de Chile and try a pisco sour, have an exquisite meal at a top-flight restaurant, or enjoy the blissful background of the majestic Andes from one of the city's rooftop bars. In Chile, you will also find abundant forests, fantastic glaciers, and fjords. Travel to Chile and explore the end of the world, and then go even further to Patagonia! The southernmost tip of the South American continent, this is one of the most remote spots on earth – wild and rugged with breathtaking landscapes. On your ultimate Chile vacation package , come explore massive glaciers and natural wonders that will surely take your breath away. For a taste of the unknown, journey to Easter Island, located halfway between Chile and Tahiti. Known for centuries as the navel of the world, it boasts the earth’s most enigmatic archaeological mysteries. Here you will delve into the mysterious ancient culture of the island and see firsthand the monolithic Moai statues carved from volcanic rock. Chile beckons for all to enjoy.

Travel to Chile where chic European cities, natural beauty, and warm people welcome you


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291,930.4 sq mi

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UTC−3 and −5

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