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Create a unique itinerary by traveling with your own professional driver and tour guide to experience a most personalized experience. These unique offerings provide the benefit of smaller group sizes of 2 or more travelers, stays at your choice of an impressive selection of hotels available in every star-rating category, as well as villas and castles in off-the beaten path cities, towns, and villages. Travelers welcome the one-on-one attention that they experience, where their individual needs can be readily met. Central Holidays’ private escorted guides provide uniqueness to each tour, not only with their insights into the region, but also offering diverse options and excursions based on traveler’s requests.

Travel to Spain on one of our unforgettable Spain vacation packages for an authentic Iberian experience.

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Spain at a glance

Spain Capital


Spain Population


Spain Area

195,360 sq mi

Spain Currency


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Spain Time Zone
Time Zone

UTC 0 to +1

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