Central Holidays is proud to unveil its redesigned website this month. The completely responsive site, viewable across devices from desktop computer monitors and laptops to tablets and mobile phones, is located at Central Holidays’ URL of www.centralholidays.com, and contains new features such as improved navigation, a beneficial “Find an Agent” functionality, 2019 e-brochures, and tons of new content – including infographics, interactive maps and more – to help travel advisors find the best trip for their clients.

“A cornerstone of our time-honored success at Central Holidays stems from listening to and nurturing relationships with our travel advisor partners. Our updated website is a product of those relationships and serves to further demonstrate our commitment to the travel advisor community and to providing customers with the travel experiences of their dreams each and every time,” said Lori Corless, Vice President, Marketing for Central Holidays.

“We have received tons of feedback from our travel advisor partners, and we are very pleased with the redesigned navigation, responsive design flexibility, and fresh content that is now available to them at CentralHolidays.com,” continued Corless.

CentralHolidays.com is a powerful resource for travel advisors. It enables them to peruse a broad range of travel opportunities to find the perfect fit for their clients – all online. Visitors to the site will find helpful information on the brand's travel programs and hotels, compelling travel articles and news, beautiful videos and fascinating infographics, as well as insightful information about the countries and cities Central Holidays serves and the novel excursions and experiences they offer in each destination. Advisors can delve into products and destinations on a deeper level with the product of the month feature, interactive maps, destinations at-a-glance, and coming soon…distinctive travel tips that they can share with their clients.

Further supporting the travel advisor community, the new website includes a robust “Find an Agent” feature that has been very well received by the company’s travel advisor partners. Additionally, via the e-brochure feature at centralholidays.com, advisors can preview, download, or order a printed version of any brochure directly online from the brand’s comprehensive line of artfully designed brochures. As well, advanced technology incorporated within the new site enhances and improves communication with advisors.