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Central Holidays is an award-winning travel brand more than 50 years strong that provides outstanding travel programs to an ever-increasing selection of destinations across the globe. We are passionate travelers ourselves, enthusiastic about showing the corners of the world to others and, as such, we present the most authentically rich experiences. The values that Central Holidays embodies continue to shine in our exemplary client service, destination expertise, and our meticulously planned, affordable-luxury travel packages.

We are proud to provide travelers with the peace of mind they desire when selecting a company to experience and explore the world. Central Holidays offers the reliability that you are booking and traveling with a strong, long-established, robust tour operator with a time-honored history as well as an ongoing commitment to providing the best quality travel packages and unparalleled client service. The entire Central Holidays staff - from our headquarters team in the United States, to our offices in Italy and Egypt, and expert destination management staff throughout Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and Latin America - is with you every step of the way - from the planning stages to the adventure of your dreams, and beyond - personally anticipating and fulfilling your needs throughout your trip.


Located along the Mediterranean, Greece is among the top vacation destinations in the world. It enjoys one of the longest coastlines with spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, mountainous landscapes, and rich history and culture. Therefore, our..
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Jewels of the Cyclades
Jewels of the Cyclades Read More
  •  Lindos, Rhodes
  •  Souvenir shops in Chania, Crete
  • Shop souvenirs in Mykonos
  • Castle of Avlemonas in Kythira
  • Paros

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Central Holidays PresentsCustomizable Food and Wine Itineraries Across Europe

Central Holidays PresentsCustomizable Food and Wine  Itineraries Across Europe Central Holidays presents food and wine itineraries across Europe, leveragingtheir European teams, Italy office, and decades of destination expertise to create elaborate experiential culinary-focused travel programs with interactive cooking classes. Programs designed to cater to today’s travelers who are looking to have the most authentic, immersive, and locally inspired travel experiences.more details >>


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