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One of Europe’s most renowned beach destinations, Croatia is a proud possessor of historical towns and villages, numerous islands, idyllic coastal cliffs and picturesque vineyards. An awe-inspiring country which is an agglomeration of several beautiful islands that are crossed basically by the Dinaric Alps. The Croatia vacation package will ensure that you get a taste of adventure as well as sightseeing. The stupendous coastlines, the rugged mountains and the traditional regions are worth visiting.

So here are 7 of the magnanimous locations of Croatia which are essentially toured by the Croatia tour travel package:

1.Dubrovnik: An enchanting city, perfect for those travelers who want to experience “heaven on earth”. The walk around Dubrovnik’s wall serves as a breathtaking debut to this ancient city.

2.Split: A popular place along the Dalmatian coast and regarded as Croatia’s second-largest city with an enormous port. If you are an adventurer, then the incredible offers by Croatia vacation package will surely be enjoyed by you. The outdoor activities of Split include white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing and sailing expeditions which will simply be outstanding.

3.Kornati Islands: If you want to experience something exhilarating then attempt these mind-blowing underwater activities of snorkeling and scuba diving at Kornati Islands National Park of Croatia. The Croatia tour travel packagewill also ensure you a detailed view of the multi-colored reefs, the uninhabited islands and the numerous vibrant fishes underwater. Peljesac Peninsula:This place is mostly famous for being Croatia’s superior wine tasting area. Some lauded varieties like Dingac and Postup have been produced here. After delving into the traditional wineries, you can savor delicious delicacies of local oysters and mussels in Mali Ston.

4.Varazdin: Get mesmerized by the decorative structural architecture of this town. The medieval palaces, the embellished squares and the exquisite garden cemetery are altogether a breathtaking view.

5.Zagreb: Numerous sightseeing locations, palatable eateries, nightlife and the extensive strolls taken through the main square. The diverse exhibitions and events taking place at Zagreb will surely entertain you and if you have availed theCroatia tour travel package, then you are bound to get entry to almost all the events. Free!

6.Brac: The third largest island of Croatia, Brac is an alluring place, hot spot for tourists during the summer. The Zlatini Rat beach of Brac is a baroque image of vibrant sandy beach with evergreen pine trees. The Croatia travel packagearranges for special expedition for exploring the beaches.