Following the same schedule everyday without any adventure or change can be monotonous and can lead individuals to stress and frustration. To avert such situations, a long holiday to a serene yet interesting place can do wonders to rejuvenate oneself. Spending some time away from your busy schedules among natural beauty can lift up your spirits greatly. Egypt is definitely one such place that promises all such pleasures and delights. Situated in North Africa, majesty and mysteriousness are both reflected in this land. Known to be home to one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, Egypt has a glorious history to boast about, which is also reflected in its ancient monuments. The Valley of the Kings along with the pyramids are perfect examples that can be cited.

Various archeological sites of Pharaonic Egypt situated near the River Nile are also widely admired by tourists on their Egypt tour. The Pyramids of Giza is one of the sites that draws huge numbers of visitors.

Sharm el Sheikh is a great place to relax in the sunlight while on your Egypt tour. The popularity of what used to be a small fishing hamlet has greatly increased in the past few years due to its rich underwater fauna and flora and beautiful beaches. You can indulge in a variety of water sports and enjoy your Egypt tour to the fullest. Booking any of the Egypt vacation packages with ensures that your stay in Egypt is full of interesting sites and activities.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is greatly admired for it architecture and the intriguing experiences that it has on offer for all its visitors. The best part about Egypt tour is that you will never be bored among the many must-see historical sites to be visited in Egypt. In addition, Egypt is also a gastronome's delight that will fully satiate your taste buds with cuisines from around the world along with delicious oriental local dishes such as koftas and kababs that it presents for its visitors.

Moreover, you can also have a great time sailing the River Nile on your Egypt tour by taking a Nile cruise to explore the real hidden beauty of the country. The comfort and entertainment of the visitors is most emphasized on these River Nile cruises which together make your Egyptian holiday a memorable one.