The magnificent city of Dubai forms an important part of the United Arab Emirates and words are not enough to depict its splendor. The magic of the place will simply leave you spellbound once you visit it during your Dubai vacation with STI travel. Overwhelmed by the entertainment, you will lose track of time at this outstanding place. Not only is the atmosphere pleasant, but the entire place is very vibrant. Daytime, no doubt, will not let you stay still, and nighttime is also no exception to this rule. The place is as lively in the daytime as its nightlife and that will make your Dubai luxury holiday all the more exciting. is there to make your trip to Dubai a memorable and unforgettable experience. The Indian tourism industry is riding high these days and to attract more and more tourists, many traveling agencies have started offering various India holiday packages.

Dubai is also known for its occasional festivals that take place throughout the year For instance, you can enjoy the summer festival and the shopping festival in summer time during your Dubai vacation.

The Global village is also a very interesting event that is conducted in Dubai. In this event, all countries of the world combine together and are shown as small distinct villages. This way all countries get an opportunity to flaunt their culture and trade their products. Visitors from around the globe visit Dubai to attend this event.

Another site that can make your Dubai vacation a memorable one is the island of "the palm". Counted among the eight wonders that the world has to offer, it adds to the appeal of the place. Burj al Arab, which is the tallest hotel of the world along with Burj Dubai, the tallest tower in the world, are all situated in Dubai and visiting these buildings will make your entire Dubai luxury holiday very interesting and worth the effort, time and money. Wild Wadi is a breathtaking water park and is full of fun and frolic stored inside. The Mercato mall is one of the best shopping places of the city.

The beaches and great hotels of the place such as Mina A'salam, Grand Hyatt, Burj al Arab and several others could be booked for your comfort through STI-travel as a part of your Dubai luxury holiday.

When you are in Dubai, you just can't afford to miss the beautiful Arabian moon witnessed from the vast and never ending desert. A camel ride will be an enjoyable experience and you will admire the serenity of the place. For more information on Dubai travel, Dubai holiday and Dubai tour, log on to