If you’re just like me and you need a good vacation every now and then and you like to explore new places then Greece is definitely the place to go. Thanks to Holiday Central me and my whole family were able to book a very affordable Greece vacation package that was great for the whole family; Me, my wife, and the kids, we all loved it!

The Greece Holiday vacation package we choose had us seeing so many different sites it as unbelievable; travelling to Greece for a holiday is the way to go for sure!

My family and I were absolutely amazed by all of the things and places we got to see. We almost didn’t know where to start because there were so many things to choose from:

  • Athens
  • Sparta
  • Corinth
  • The Parthenon
  • The Athenian National Garden
  • And much more too!

The first time we went was actually so amazing that we always wanted go on a trip to Greece again using the same Greece travel packages provided by Central Holidays as the last time. The only upside was that no the kids were all grown up so me and the misses could spend some time to ourselves.

Thanks to one of the great Greece vacation holiday packages that we decided to choose from my wife and I got to explore Athens in peace and quiet without the kids. We got to admire the Parthenon and the Athenian National Garden as well as the Temple of The Olympian Zeus. The architecture was absolutely breathtaking, it was just unbelievable.

And that was just Athens! We were always into history and culture so we wanted to explore some of the other cities in Greece as well. We were in luck because with Central Holiday’s very affordable Greece vacation packages it was possible to see more than just one city.

We saw so much beautiful and stunning artwork as well as history that it will last for a life time; The view in Patras is amazing, the history of Sparta is fascinating, and Corinth is so fantastic that it really speaks for itself.

The whole time we were there we enjoyed delicious roasted lamb fresh from the spit, fantastic Greek olives and homemade bread with fresh olive oil, the freshest tomatoes I’ve ever tasted, and tzatziki like no one else can make it.

Enjoy a trip to Greece with one of Central Holidays’ many different Greece holiday travel packages.