In the complication of planning great Greece vacations, many can forget about the food. With visas airline tickets and booking hotels taking precedence, it is often easy to forget about the meals. A general assumption is that with great accommodation comes great food. This may not be the case for all Greece vacation packages. The plethora of varying islands ensures that the culinary experiences vary too. As you go to the different islands and destinations, it is important to interact with the locals and try new dishes, that way you experience true Mediterranean flavors.

Different culinary experiences can be carried home in memories and shared with family and friends. Special Greece vacation packages customized around cooking are called culinary vacations or foodie tours. Most of them are organized by specialty tour operators and include opportunities to meet of enjoy cooking by professional Greek chefs or culinary schools. A unique cooking Greece vacation package in essence is comprised of accommodations, cooking lessons, and making recipes, mixed with cultural and sightseeing excursions. As a change of pace, some of the lessons take place in special villas located in different parts of Greece, where the preference of food is different and regionally authentic. The duration of cooking vacations is two to seven days and can be confirmed for as few as two people. To ensure quality and hands-on experience the maximum class size is fourteen. The combination of cultural and culinary experience makes this a great Greece vacation package.

Cooking tours often include a series of visits to the regional or local produce markets, bakeries, wineries cheese producers or oliver oil producers. At the end of a tour you get to sample the food alfresco and enjoy the distinctive flavors. Greek cooking relies heavily on olive oil, fresh vegetables, herbs, nuts as well as cheeses and wines. Although this sounds vegetarian there are free run meats and fish from the Aegean Sea. Greek culinary tours offer a variety of dishes which come from both modern and ancient Greece. In Thessaloniki, under mount Olympus the cooking experience there makes you feel like you are dining with the Gods. One of the amazing creations of the Greeks is their special kind of coffee over ice. Like most discoveries, the frappe came into being by accident. Then a Nescafe salesman, Dimitris Vakondios mixed coffee with cold water and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker for lack of hot water. The shaker produced froth and the frappe was born. The general principle of making it is the same, although you can add sugar and milk if you like.Traditionally, tourists visiting or taking Greece vacations, follow the beaten track promoted by most tour companies. To explore off the beaten track, try letting food dictate your itinerary, and let your palette show you the diversity of Greece at every turn.