Amalfi coast vacation packages that took just four days but packed in a lifetime of unforgettable memories

When planning customized holiday packages to Italy, a trip to the Amalfi coast cannot be overlooked. The Amalfi coast is one of the most popular holiday destinations for celebrities and non-celebrities alike. From a shoreline that stretches 50 km along the south of Italy, to sheer cliffs that tower over the beaches, this little city is also renowned for its hiking trails, world-class restaurants, vineyards, lemon groves, and amazing views.

Amalfi coast vacation packages can be tailored to suit your budget and your busy schedule. You can explore and enjoy this spectacular city in just four days. Here’s how!

When putting together customized holiday packages to Italy, remember to put aside all your cares and stresses and just soak in the amazing ambience of the Amalfi coast!

Here are some of the places that must absolutely be included in any Amalfi coast vacation packages:

Create your base for exploring the Amalfi coast here. This hilltop town overlooks the bays of Naples and Salerno. You can walk all around the town. There are organic olive farms that offer family friendly apartments and food that is fresh out of the farm. The Benedictine monastery belverdere offers spectacular views of the coast. You can have your fill of rustic Italian food at any of the family-run trattorias.

This is Amalfi’s most scenic town and is unmistakable, with its pastel-hued houses hugging the sheer cliffs. The leather sandals that are handmade here are a souvenir you must pick up.

This is where you can walk up the 11-km Path of the Gods or Sentieri degli Dei that will lead you to the Lattari Mountains. This is an excellent base for your explorations of Positano. You can stay at hotels that offer a wonderful view of the sunset and the coast of Capri. Here you can enjoy local seafood at its best with the best of Italian seasonings.

A day trip from Positano, Capri is an island that is best to stay in overnight. Experience island life the rural way in Anacapri, a bus ride away from Capri. The summit of Monte Solaro should not be missed for its breathtaking views from where you can even see Mount Vesuvius. Don’t miss the Blue Grotto which is famous for its crystal blue hues.

When you are in the Amalfi Coast, don’t miss out on a boat ride that will take you towards Marina di Furore, where you can see sea caves, beaches, and the famous Saracen watchtower.

Whether you want to relax at the beach, hike up mountains, go shopping for souvenirs, go on a boat ride, mingle with the locals, have a taste of rustic Italian life, or are a foodie who just has to have the local ravioli and pizza, the Amalfi coast has the most diverse and exciting experiences to offer travelers from across the world.

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