Turkey is premeditated as one of the affluent countries in terms of paleontology and is probably the largest “open air museum” of the world. Being located in-between Asia and Europe, Turkey has maintained some rich cultures and traditions from both the continents.

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The list below will depict baroque pictures on some of the historical places which the Turkey vacation packageincludes in their ‘must watch’ itinerary:

  • Tarakli is a picturesque town of Sakarya in the Marmara area of Turkey. The houses at Tarakli are primitive ancient Ottoman wooden houses and they have been erected almost three centuries ago.
  • Safranbolu is an antique town of Karabuk in the Black Sea region of Turkey. This place is renowned for the preservation of unique Ottoman Turkish structures and architectures. The Turkey travel package ensures an exclusive journey through the traditional Turkish buildings and mosques. This place has been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Goynuk is another dingy town of Bolu in the huge Black Sea area of Turkey. This town houses some ancient Ottoman Empire period dwellings, monuments, old mosques, historical tombs and fountains. The Turkey vacation package also assures the travelers of a wonderful view of the Victory Tower on the hill of the town, established in 1922.
  • This classical town, Sirince, is a proud owner of ancient places and homes, vineyards and orchards of peaches. The age-old churches, the two-story houses, the extraordinary architectural designs and the serene monasteries are all a part of Sirince. The tourists get a life long experience with the sightseeing of this archival town.
  • Pedasa of Bodrum is another ancient city of Turkey. If you have a keen interest for hiking, then do visit this place. TheTurkey travel package will arrange a comfortable and satisfying trek for you to this historical place. The ruins and remnants of the castle at the site can be viewed from the top of the hill.
  • The cultural and natural heritage of Turkey are an unequivocal way of life and inspiration for all of us. Turkey has 11 heritages listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, as dated in 2012.

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