Getting an affordable Italy vacation package can be a challenge for those who are new to the concept. You will find all types of packages, both luxury and budget. You’ll discover some that even cater to certain activities, like hiking, boating, and even eating. Travel packages may also vary by what’s included in the tour guides, giving lots of choices on where and how you want to experience Italy. Are you someone who is more spontaneous or someone who would prefer to pack as much iconic and educational destinations as possible? Read along to find out more on how you can find the best vacation deals to Italy for you.

Tailor-made, Italian-grade
The first thing you should be thinking about when you are researching which Italian travel deal is going to give you the best bang for your buck is how you want to travel. Besides the plane ride itself, when you arrive in Italy, do you want to step foot into a taxi, drop your bags off in a room, then go launch off to the nearest sandy beaches? What about a limo ride to a 5-star hotel, then right down to the nearest shopping plaza for a day of coffee and extravagance? Both of these scenarios are what makes Italy great, and they’re only scratching the surface on what type of vacation that you can experience. Some Italian vacation travel deals start you off on a fabulous cruise, for an all-inclusive trip that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Be a part of ‘la familia’
One stereotype about Italians is how they are all very inclusive when it comes to meeting strangers, and, to a certain degree, it is not that uncommon to experience as a tourist. One way to really connect with the people of Italy is to find an affordable Italy vacation package that includes local tour guides for whichever city you plan to visit. Sometimes just planning your visit around the big icons, like the Tower of Pisa, is not enough to fill an entire day, and you’re left with just gulping down espresso and stuffing yourself with pastries. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you prefer a more fulfilling day in Italy, you should consider having a local guide show you were all the great little moments of art, history, and tradition are hidden on the cobblestone streets.

Adventure awaits!
While researching Italy’s travel deals , you’ll often see fairly prominent deals for adventurous activities. Even for a first-time traveler, it might be worth your while to check some of them out. While some of them do have a lot of more strenuous activities on the bill, others may just include some activities in which you might actually end up doing while you’re over there anyways. These are typically tour packages that are smaller in size, very flexible in scheduling, and can include fun trips like a hike around Cinque del Terre, scuba diving off the coasts of Florence, or maybe some skydiving if you’re really up for adventure.

Just something to keep in-mind when shopping around for the best deals. Sometimes, the greatest value is found in the most unexpected places.