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Travel to Croatia, possibly the best kept secret in the Adriatic! Croatia is a captivating European country boasting a year- round mild Mediterranean climate, rich cultural heritage, and stylishly cosmopolitan appeal. On average this sun-soaked land basks in a splendid 2,600 hours of sunlight each year, earning its acclaim as one of Europe's sunniest seaside settings. Embark on a Croatia travel package to experience the country's natural beauty including its stunning Mediterranean Sea views in the southeast, sprawling flat plains in the east and hills with snow-capped mountains to the north. The country borders the Adriatic Sea, with a mild spring and autumn along the coast but cold and snowy winter in the center and north. Along its Mediterranean coast, beautiful seaside towns are home to shops, restaurants and more. Yachts sail the azure blue waters of the Adriatic enjoying the sunny and warm temperatures, while land lovers have eight national parks to explore with a variety of fascinating plants and animals. One such national park is Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that never ceases to amaze as you travel along on our Croatia vacation packages. This is Croatia’s best-known national park and the only one of eight that is listed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage sites. The main attractions of this park are the 16 small lakes which are connected by waterfalls created by the sedimentation of travertine, a specific type of limestone. This national park is home to the source of the Korana River, located in an area surrounded by dense forests of beech, fir and spruce. There are several caves in the park that you can explore. You will find brown bears in the park, as they are one of the protected species that call it home. The park is especially popular because of the panoramic electric trains and noiseless electric-powered boats that take you effortlessly through to explore the many areas of this magnificent park. In the spring, flowers and meadows are in full bloom and the trees are a lush green, while in autumn the various fall leaf colors reflect off of the beautiful lakes. In winter it’s a serene landscape of frozen waterfalls and white meadows of snow. There are many paths throughout the park, making it easy to explore at your leisure along the side of a lake or deep into the woods. There are a variety of activities and adventures that await when you choose a Central Holidays Croatia vacation package to experience – from river rafting or sailing the high sea to paragliding or skiing the Croatian slopes. The coastal landscape features coves and beaches sheltered by pine woods, with hundreds of small islands and isles off-shore waiting to be explored. You can sail on the waters or dive deep below to see flora and fauna. The preserved natural environment is just as exciting for those who love walking, hiking, mountaineering and camping. Other activities that are available include cycling the many numerous trails through the country, or rafting down rivers, even parachuting and paragliding over the gorgeous landscape for a view from above.

Travel to Croatia in the awe-inspiring Adriatic and enjoy the year-round Mediterranean climate.


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