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Program Highlights

  • Journey to a place virtually unaffected by the passing of time and experience The Amish way of life, a fascinating and educational experience.
  • Our Destination Discovery starts as soon as you arrive at the hotel. The Amish View Inn & Suites is set amidst Amish farmlands in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. It provides the intimate atmosphere of a bed & breakfast with the amenities of an upscale hotel.
  • Catch a glimpse of the Amish culture, ethics and traditions as you watch a play based on real life events at the Amish Experience Theater. See an authentic Amish house and learn about their day-to-day practices and household life by visiting the Amish Homestead. Take a 90-Minute tour of the Farmlands and witness the spectacular panoramas of patchwork achieved without the use of modern equipment and taste their harvest during a real Pennsylvania Dutch-Style dinner.
  • Come to peace in an authentic world where the hourglass never runs out of sand as you’ll develop both respect and admiration for a culture so different from our own.


  • Hotel accommodation for 2 nights
  • Daily Hot Country breakfast
  • One Amish dinner at Plain & Fancy Farm Restaurant
  • Admission to Amish Country Homestead
  • 90-minute Farmland Tour
  • Hotel taxes and mandatory fees

Small Groups

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Validity: April-October.

A selection of different room category, additional nights, transfers and optional tours are available. Program’s validity and/or some included features may vary.

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Amish Country

Amish View Inn & Suites in Amish Country, USA
Amish View Inn & Suites
2 Nights / First Class

surrounded by Amish farmland, this hotel features a daily country breakfast and has an indoor...

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Depending upon time of arrival you may want to explore the shops and gardens of the Plain & Fancy Farm located just outside the hotel’s lobby. This pristine, 9 acres complex is also home to Aaron & Jessica’s Buggy Rides, the Amish Experience Theater, Homestead and Farmland Tours, a farm animal exhibit and the world famous Plain & Fancy restaurant. A lot of reasonably priced activities and discovery-opportunities depart from the hotel’s premises. If you have the time, you might want to join a buggy tour where you can get inside information from an experienced Amish driver and ask questions about Amish schools, shops, farms and businesses, while enjoying the picturesque rolling meadows along the way.

No better way to start your day than with a hot country breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. You might want to sit by a window so you can witness the spectacle as the children run across the fields toward the one-room school house on the horizon. Except for holidays, vacation or during harvest time, this is a daily occurrence between the hours of 8:00 and 8:30am. This morning you will embark on a guided 90-Minute Farmland Tour departing from the hotel promptly at 10:45am. This excursion will take you around the out-of-the-way back roads and country lanes to see the amazing beauty of these lands, farmed using only horses and mules, and dotted with one-room school houses just like the one nearby the hotel. Along the way you will visit roadside stands, bake shops or a craft or quilt shop on a farm. You will also take a fascinating and educational tour of the Amish Country Homestead. This authentically furnished Amish house, along with the interpretive information handed over by the guides, offers an insight into the complex riddles of a culture so different from our own. Questions such as; “If a bottled gas refrigerator is permitted, why not an electric one?”, will definitely pop up and the experienced guides will provide you with an answer. On the other hand, at the Amish Experience Theater you will gain a better understanding of what it means to be Amish by viewing “Jacob’s Choice”. The play deals with a teenager, “Jacob”, faced with the difficult decision of choosing whether to join the Amish church or leaving everything behind to become part of the modern world. Finish your day with a hearty Pennsylvania Dutch Family-Style meal at the renowned Plain & Fancy Restaurant and savor the modest, yet delicious natural cuisine of the Amish folk. (B,D)

Have a hot country breakfast this morning and enjoy the children’s morning routine as they run across the field on their way to school one last time. Before departing, you may want to visit nearby Kitchen Kettle Village with over thirty shops and restaurants where you can sample authentic Amish food. Visit the smoke house or the world-famous Canning Kitchen for a taste of their jams and relishes. Enjoy some hand-rolled fudge or homemade ice cream while shopping for Lancaster’s finest quilts and leather goods. Return flight home or extend your stay. (B)

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