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Hi Jane how are you sorry it took so long to get back to you. Egypt was awesome i am trying to get bev to write a review but we have been very busy since we got home. Every thing went perfect from our exchange in booking with you and Maria to being meet by your rep. Raymond (our shadow in Cairo) at the airport. He was there every time to meet us booked us to our rooms for our air transfers even got us to our very late departure from Cairo Maha was great as our Cairo guide no pressure very relaxed took us to all the places we wanted to see and Nagi our driver was the best driver ever to drive in that place you have to be we called him NASCAR NAGI !!! Robert was our guide on the Nile cruise he was great very informative on the excursions and as there was only 10 of on the whole ship we all had lots of time to get to know one another we even made him eat with us lol. I am going to get Bev to write a much more detailed review later there was so much to see we plan on going back again one day but first its England to see her sister and then a cruise from Basel to Amsterdam.
Thanks again for all yours and Maria's hard work

 Howard & Beverley Foley.
Howard & Beverley Foley
02 Dec 2012

Subject: re: Ward Group Aug 2-10

Hi Christine,

Just wanted to let you know I spoke briefly with Mr. Ward and the group was very pleased with STI services in Egypt.  They all had

a great time, loved the people, and "everyone loved George."  

Thanks again for all your attention and will be in touch,



Karen Didion
11 Aug 2010
Dear Christine,

The Schicks came back raving about the service you gave them. First, their flight to IST was delayed; the company was very good is meeting their plane, taking them to the hotel and giving them a different boat ride because they missed the original one. They really enjoyed the spice market.

Their tours of Istanbul were terrific. They loved their guide. (I think his name was George, but I'm not sure). He was OUTSTANDING.

They thoroughly enjoyed their stay at the Maramar Hotel. The service was great. When they got on the ship and compared notes with other passengers who stayed at other top hotels, the Schicks' experience was much better.

They loved the tour of Ephesus. The guide was very caring and patient, and very helpful.

All in all, their experience couldn;t have been better. They were very pleased with everything you did.

Thanks for providing such excellent service
24 Jul 2010

Dear Mr. Nassim,

We just returned from our ten day Egypt Deluxe Tour with ABC Travel/Sakkara Tours (July 3rd through July 12th). We wanted to write this letter to thank you and all the staff involved for making our vacation an experience of a lifetime!

This was our third trip booked with ABC Travel Tours. Our loyalty to them has always been that we could depend on them to provide professional, knowledgeable hosts and guides, plan terrific excursions, reserve rooms in clean, accommodating hotels, create a friendly environment and ensure quality service. In addition, we wanted to feel safe traveling abroad in a turbulent world.

We had never heard of Sakkara Tours before our trip to Egypt but be assured we will recommend your company to every person we know. We would like to single out a few exemplary employees you should be especially proud of.

Let us start with Mohammed Mamdouh, our tour host in Cairo. Not only did he help us navigate our arrival and departure smoothly and accompany us to the Sound and Light show at the Giza Pyramids that very first night in town but he offered a range of other services we did not expect.

Mr. Mamdouh suggested my group all take the Alexandria excursion offered our last day. We all decided to do it. After a wonderful day of events, Mr. Mamdouh invited us to tea at his family's home. The whole group enjoyed meeting his parents and siblings. They were so warm and welcoming. A person can see many famous archeological ruins on a trip to Egypt but how many people get the opportunity to sit and talk to a real Egyptian family in their own home???? It was incredible to get the chance to share thoughts and ideas with people from another culture and country. It was an experience we will never forget!

In addition, when we arrived at the airport for our departure back to the United States, we remembered that we had left our battery charger/digital camera battery in our hotel room! We asked Mohamed if he could retrieve it and send it to us. He immediately offered to return to the hotel and get our items himself and then bring them back to the airport since there was more than enough time to make our plane. We were amazed! Mr. Mamdouh had already received our tip and had finished his duties as our host but he took

on this task happily and saved us from replacing these costly items when we arrived home!

Secondly, we would like to mention Mohamed Ali, our guide for the Nile River Cruise on the MS Monaco. He was intelligent and knowledgeable about all the sites we visited. He was also very accessible on the boat if we had any questions. However the best part of the whole trip was the excursion he provided in Luxor. He took us all in horse and carriages to tour the neighborhoods of the city. It was fascinating to see everyday Egyptian life as they live it. What an extraordinary experience!

Lastly, we would like to commend George, our guide on Day #2 in Cairo and Heba, our guide in Alexandria. Both gave us a full day of interesting information and thought provoking conversations. Both guides were clear and enjoyable to be with.

We would also like to mention how pleased we were with the hotel accommodations and restaurants selected. In addition, we appreciated the security provided on excursions which gave us all peace of mind.

In conclusion, we were thrilled with Sakkara Tours' participation in our ABC Deluxe Egypt Tour. We felt you should know what terrific people you employ. Great staff leads to a good reputation which will ensure a travel company's success in a competitive world. We will certainly spread the word about Egypt and to use Sakkara Tours.

Cindy Kaufman and Donna Tabeek
13 Jul 2010

Hi there, just wanted to say my girls( butler and leonard) arrived home today and were no sooner on the ground than they called me to say:
SO Jane, you promised me you would take care of them and what wonderful care you would take of them and you were so right!!! and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you and everyone over there who made it all happen. and took care of them throughout the whole trip...and thank GOD for leading me to you.....
I Will try and sell some more of the same tour and others with STI....thanks again Jane!!


25 Jun 2010

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