Central Holidays


Central Holidays is travel agent friendly and very pro-active in their marketing efforts. Their social media outlets are particularly effective.

Kent C.

26 August 2019

Great company to deal with, travel made easy with the support on ground by agents.

Ruby Figueroa

25 August 2019

I want to thank Adam Greis and Maria DiRocco for all of their help, knowledge and guidance that they gave to me and my clients traveling in Greece. Adam put together an itinerary that included all of their wishes. They loved every step of the way. They have returned from their trip and contacted me to say that their trip exceeded their expectations. Everyone from Central Holidays was terrific ! They kept them well informed during their trip, especially when there were last minute changes to their tour itinerary, they were able to substitute tours and excursions that were unexpected highlights and enjoyed by everyone in their group. Thank you Maria for your restaurant recommendations. The clients said they are still talking about the dinner they enjoyed on their first night of their trip ! I highly recommend using Central Holidays, you will not have to worry about your clients being well taken care of in the destination.

Catherine B.

5 August 2019

I truly enjoy working with Mina, she’s very helpful and always available to answer any questions.

Susan Feder Zellea

15 July 2019

I truly enjoy working with Mina, she’s very helpful and always available to answer any questions.

N H.

20 June 2019

I want to thank Lilianne Dutko for her amazing support and wonderful advice. She and Margie Bell have helped me become a more knowledgeable Travel Agent and provided my clients with rewarding travel experiences. I enjoy working with Central Holidays and look forward to many more joint initiatives to offer my clients quality travel journeys. Many Thanks to everyone at Central Holidays for making this such an enjoyable relationship.

Henry R.

3 May 2019

Great service and Cassie is very knowledgeable.

Michele Berman

10 March 2019

My wife Kendy, my son Gray and I just spent 9 days in Egypt where we had the pleasure of being guided by several of your tour guides. In Cairo, we were met at the airport by Walid Harvy. He made our entrance into and exit from Egypt very streamlined and effortless. 

Upon our arrival, Walid made certain that we would be met each day by a driver (in Cairo, it was Adel) and a guide (Ahmed). They were always very patient with our questions and our needs. Adel got us not only to Cairo destinations but also drove us to Alexandria. He was very helpful and a most pleasant person to spend extended amounts of time with. Ahmed was very entertaining and informative. We asked him cou
ntless questions about the history, culture, and many other various topics that he patiently and thoroughly addressed. 

When we flew to Aswan, we were guided by Muhamid Ali. Once again, we received only the best attention and we never found Muhamid anything but a gentleman and a greatly knowledgeable teacher on many topics. 

We would like to share our experiences with our American friends and ask them to contact you for their Egypt tours. I would like to thank you again for providing the above mentioned gentlemen to us. We would like to recommend these specific men to all who are interested in traveling to your wonderful country.

Thank you again for providing us with such well qualified people!

Kendy Gaertner

27 February 2019

Well we’re back from a wonderful, amazing, beautiful, informational and all around fantastic visit to Italy.

Everything went well. All flights and buses and connections and tours and tour guides. So well done. And we met people from a nearby town.

Can’t say enough about this tour. Glad we chose the Puglia area. And we each only gained a pound...Lots of steps and walking. We also celebrated on the exact date (10/14) our 28th wedding anniversary on the last day with our tour’s farewell dinner. Everyone was so sweet to us and also couldn’t believe we had grown children and had been married for so long. But we were traveling with seniors mostly. Yell lol

Thank you so much for helping to make this happen.


26 October 2018

We had a great time with the Best of Italy Tour last month. Our tour guide, Massimo Stagni was great - informative and entertaining! 

John H.

16 October 2018