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Revel In This Fly And Drive Trip To Piedmont, Italy At Your Own Pace

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Experience this diverse and spectacular region of Italy on a Piedmont vacation at your leisure! Your trip to Piedmont, Italy takes you to enjoy…amazing Eno-Gastronomy -- from the region’s famed wines...Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Asti...to delicious regional...Read More

  • Day 1


    Pick up your rental car and begin your discovery of Piedmont, the ancient dominion of the Savoys, the ill-fated royal family who ruled Italy from the Unification in 1870 until abdication in 1946. Today, Piedmont is a mecca for gourmands from every corner of the universe that come to sip its wines, nibble on its cheeses, savor its stupendous meat dishes, and last but far from least, to pay whatever price they must to taste its truffles.

  • Day 2

    Biella | Ricetto Di Candelo | Sordevolo | Oropa | Biella (Approx. 30 Miles)

    Today visit Ricetto di Candelo (approx. 3 miles), a perfectly preserved fortified medieval village, Sordevolo (approx. 5 miles), site of a celebrated Passion Play enacted every 5 years, and Oropa Sacred Mount (approx. 6 miles), a UNESCO World Heritage site. (B)

  • Day 3

    Biella | Turin (Approx. 51 Miles)

    Today drive to Turin, once Italy’s first capital city and today Italy’s auto industry capital. Check in at your hotel and start exploring this unique city where modernity exists alongside tradition and history. (B)

  • Day 4

    Turin | Asti | Turin (Approx. 70 Miles)

    Today visit Asti, a picturesque and charming town, known for its sparkling wine. Among the architectural landmarks are noble palaces, towers and ancient churches, and the magnificent gothic cathedral. Stop for lunch in the triangular shaped Piazza Alfieri, where the town’s famous Palio (horse race) is staged. (B)

  • Day 5

    Turin | Barolo | Alba | Turin (Approx. 105 Miles)

    Today is a gastronome’s grand adventure into the Langhe, the land of white truffle, savory cheeses, and great wines. Travel through verdant vineyards, hilltops with villages and castles, and stop for visits of Barolo and Alba. (B)

  • Day 6

    Turin to USA (or extend your stay)

    Drop off your car and say “arrivederci” to Italy or extend your stay. (B)