Situated in Africa, Egypt is well-known for its prehistoric civilization along with monuments such as Great Sphinx, Giza pyramid complex and many others. The southern city of Luxor consists of a lot of remarkable artifacts like the Valley of the Kings and the Karnak Temple. Presently, Egypt is considered to be the cultural and political center of the Middle East and is worth exploring during your package holidays to Egypt. An Egyptian travel tip is that you can always count upon for guidance. No matter wherever you may want to visit in your Egypt travel tip, you will never be disappointed by the services provided by us.

If you take some Egypt travel tip, you can take pleasure in the tranquil and peaceful environment of Coptic Cairo and stroll around in the contracted cobbled alleyways. Once you get across these alleyways, there are panoramic views waiting for you that are a treat for your eyes. The wide green area near the cemeteries will surely lift up your spirits and make your package holidays to Egypt worth every penny spent. There are also some domed graves placed in the cemeteries.

Coptic Cairo is a striking, small enclave situated in Cairo city. Its entrance has been made in an underground passage. The foremost building that you will see in Coptic Cairo is named the Convent of St. George. This convent is a habitat for nuns. So, visitors are allowed to enter the garden only. The Church of St Sergius and the Church of St George are some other places that you can visit. The Church of St Barbara, the Church of the Virgin and The Synagogue of Ben Ezra situated at close proximity reflects the ancient civilization of the place and provide evidence of Egypt being one of the very first countries to accept Christianity as their official religion around 4th century A.D. Besides the religious outlook of Coptic Cairo with so many churches, there is also a gift shop in the vicinity from where you can purchase water and drinks. The surrounding area is occupied by the Coptic community which resides there. .

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