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Lodge Upon arrival at Coca, transfer to Sacha´s private house. Then head to the town docks where you’ll board a covered motorized canoe for the 2 hour journey down the Napo River, home to shore birds such as herons, kingfishers, spoonbills and ospreys, to Sacha Jungle Lodge. Upon arrival, cross a raised boardwalk through dense flooded palm forest --prime monkey territory-- to Pilchicocha Lake (staff will transport your luggage for you), then board dugout canoes to get to the lodge. In the afternoon, hike through the primary jungle in expectation of spotting a variety of species--likely contenders are herons, tanagers, owls, monkeys, sloths and maybe a caiman! Afterwards, visit the Butterfly House, one of the largest butterfly farms in Ecuador. Guests will learn how these insects are bred and raised and can wander through the “flying room” where hundreds of these beauties dance and alight among the flowers. (L,D)

Lodge After breakfast, take the 940-foot long canopy walkway to explore the rainforest via the treetops at approximately 100 feet above for a "bird’s eye view”. Afterwards, our native guides will point out the many different species of medicinal plants surrounding you that have been in their culture for hundreds of years. Enjoy a leisurely lunch. Later, choose an easy hike along the Rio Napo, or a more challenging one on the Leoncillo trail in hopes of spotting the elusive dusky titi monkey. Either way, the trails lead back to the main boardwalk for your final hike and canoe ride back to the lodge. After sunset explore the jungle by night and see a lot of night active animals. (B,L,D)

Begin your day with a hike, then board a canoe for a paddle through a natural swamp, home of anacondas, caimans, and capybaras. Here you may also spot capuchin or squirrel monkeys at play, swinging from treetop to treetop. Back at the lodge, we suggest a refreshing dip in the lake, or a well-deserved rest. After lunch, your guide will teach you how to fish for the infamous razor-toothed piranha. Listen well! Later, enjoy a canoe ride through the flooded Amazonian forest and you will soon be surrounded by troops of squirrel, capuchin, and howler monkeys. Then climb a 135-foot wooden tower for telescopic views of vibrantly colored birds, including macaws, parrots and parakeets. Lastly, appreciate the sunset with great views of Volcan Sumaco, and possibly the snow-covered caps of the Andes! After dinner, observe caimans and nocturnal birds from a dugout canoe on the lagoon. (B,L,D)

Transfer to the airport Coca for your flight back to Quito. (B)

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