Central Holidays

Transfer from the Amman Airport to your hotel.

Journey north to Jerash, a town that is considered one of the finest preserved examples of a Roman provincial settlement. Then, overlooking the West Bank, tour Ajloun Castle, an enormous fortress built by a general of Saladin from 1184- 1185 to control local iron mines. Enjoy an optional authentic cooking and dining experience at Beit Sitti, a culinary school whose name translates to ''my grandmother's house.'' (B)

Depart from Amman for Petra via Kings Highway. On this history-laced route, visit Madaba and the Church of St. George. Stand on Mt. Nebo, the site where Moses was to have seen the Promised Land and his believed burial place. Soak in the expansive views over Jordan Valley, on a clear day you can see as far as Jericho and Jerusalem. Continue on to Karak to visit a mighty castle that served as a fortress for crusaders in the 12th century before arriving in Petra. (B)

Once an important intersection for trade routes that linked East and West, Petra was founded in 200 B.C. by the Nabataean, an ancient people responsible for the valley's most arresting monument-- Al- Khazneh (Treasury). Chose to enter Petra by horseback and being your full day tour at Al-Khazneh, the massive facade carved out of rose-hued rocks that face Siq, a narrow gorge at the entrance to the city. Then try your hand preparing a regional meal during an optional cooking and dining experience at Petra Kitchen. Today you can also choose to partake in an optional Turkish bath. (B)

Travel south from Petra to Wadi Rum for a jeep tour of the savage desert. In this isolation region, the land is mostly void of human settlements though the pounding winds have etched away the cliffs to form natural skyscrapers as tall as 5,742 feet. This terrain served as the background of the famous 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia. Spend a night in the desert inside Bedouin tents. Today you can also choose to participant in an optional camel ride or authentic Bedouin tea experience. (B)

Depart Wadi Rum for Dana, one of the rarest natural reserves in the world with more than four distinct climate belts. View the arid, hilly Feynan Valley from the Dana Guesthouse on the plateau and see if you can spy a lone burst of color from the flowering oleander. Continue to your hotel near the Dead Sea for leisure time - perhaps take a swim at the lowest point on Earth and enjoy the nutrientrich benefits that are bottled by the beauty industry. (B)

Leave the Dead Sea area for Amman Airport for your departure flight or cross the Allenby Bridge to extend your trip into Israel. (B)

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