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Travel to Oman, a lesser known gem in Western Asia where welcoming locals, a captivating culture, flavorful food scene, desert and coastal experiences, and great shopping opportunities await you. Muscat greets you with superb sunset sailing options, fun 4x4 desert safaris, grand mosques, and traditional souks – ideal for finding unique gifts and mementos of your time on this fascinating trip to Oman. Don your bargaining shoes and head to the souk at Mutrah Corniche to find Omani and Indian items and even distinctive antiques. Check out the elaborately painted ceilings and date fruit store at Jabrin Castle, built in 1675 by Imam Bil-Arab Bin Sultan. Have a truly unique experience staying at an authentic Bedouin-style desert camp in Wahiba Sands. At every turn, your Oman vacation will take you to uncover spectacular natural wonders, from desert wildlife and oceans of sand dunes, to high mountain peaks, and the exotic Arabian Sea. Along these spice routes that date back centuries, you will also find a burgeoning food scene that simply cannot be ignored. Get ready to savor fragrant spices, soft rice varieties, layered dishes, date-clad desserts, and delicious teas to wash down each meal – all this and more is sure to indulge the foodie in you. This captivating country beckons the exotic explorer in you.

Natural wonders, captivating culture, burgeoning food scene…enjoy it all on an Oman vacation


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Muscat - Nizwa - Wahiba - Sur -

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Muscat - Nizwa - Sur - Wahiba - Dubai -

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