Egypt and Nile are inseparable geographically and emotionally. Those who visit Egypt are captivated by the charm of the river that carries the rich Egyptian history and culture. The "Nile Cruise" and "Egypt Cruise" are two favorite terms associated with Egypt holidays. The luxury Nile Cruises offer a pleasant holiday experience to the tourists. The Pyramid Tour is another attraction of the holiday packages offered by the tour operators in Egypt.

STI Travel is a name synonymous with Egypt Tour or Pyramid Tour. At, you get the service of the dedicated Egypt Cruises that serve the tourists day and night with extreme hospitality. The Nile Cruises not only provide you a journey through the world's longest river, but also cleanse your body and mind with the freshness and the cleanliness of the ambiance around it. The day/night journey through the luxurious cruises offers immense pleasure to you and your family. It is a golden opportunity for to you to share your joyous moments with your family and friends in a lively and luxurious travel boat.

Usually, the Egypt Cruises are offered for four to five days. However, if you wish to have a longer stay at the cruises, we can offer you cruise for a maximum of seven days. The cruises carry restaurants that serve the exotic foods to the tourists. The Nile cruises provide a home for those who like to have a few days out, to relax their nerves and refresh their minds.

Nile Cruises break all the barriers that the humanity built on us. They know no difference between an Asian, European, or American. The moment you get in to the Egypt Cruise, you shed your age and become a small child who knows nothing but to love and enjoy life. You drop your ego to the deep waters of the Nile, and you become one among the millions of tourists who contributed to the glory of this wonder land, the Egypt. For a moment, Nile becomes your mother, and the Egypt Cruise, your cradle.

Can't you hear the lullabies rising out of the swells of Nile? Don't you feel the throbbing heart of a mother waiting for her child? Yes, this is the time for you to just forget all your tensions in life and relax in the lap of Mother Nature. Just click and you will meet her there!