Egypt Tour promises you more than the Pyramids. Of course, the Pyramids are the greatest attraction of this famous country that is located in the Middle East. But, Apart from the Pyramids, Egypt provides a number of attractions to the tourists. They include the Valley of the Kings, Valley of Queens, Colossi of Memnon facing the Nile, and the like. Egypt is known for the row of temples which belong to different ages. Karnak Temple, Edfu Temple, Temple of Philae and Komombo Temple are also included as part of the Egypt Tour.

The Egypt Tour is incomplete without the mentioning of the Egypt Cruise. The Egypt Cruises are operated day and night on the prescheduled days. STI Travel, one of the reputed names in the world tour organizers, offers a number of travel plans for the tourists who wish to visit Egypt and explore the land of the longest river in the world, the Nile. STI Travel is operated through the website

Here you get an opportunity to go through the detailed tour plans organized by the company and choose the best plan that suits your time and budget. If any of these packages do not suit your requirements, you can opt for the custom tour plans that will make us serve you in a customized manner.

STI Travel offers cost-effective travel packages for your holidays in Egypt. The Cheap Holidays Egypt programs are divided into convenient packages to match the needs of the people. If you wish to take a long tour, exploring the roots of great civilizations, you can opt for the Egypt Tour that includes the mighty Egyptian Pyramids, The Egyptian Valley of the Kings, and Egyptian Valley of the Queens. The Pharaohs and the Sphinx remain in the Egyptian soil, proclaiming the glory of the great kings and queens of the ancient Egypt.

For those who are inclined to go deeper into the cultural aspect of the multicultural Egypt, the historic monuments and the temples that depict the ancient architecture, which dates back to 10th century B.C., promise the best tour package. The temples are not only the places of worship, but are also the learning centers for an archeology student. The museums which are located in different parts of the country are the encyclopedia that carries the complete information of the country that contributed towards the evolution of many civilizations existing in the world today.

If you wish to experience the richness of the Egyptian soil, plan for your Egypt Tour by logging on to our website