Egypt is known for its rich heritage that includes attractions like the pyramids and the ancient temples. It is even considered to be a place of pilgrimage for people from Christian and other religious communities. Here you find the pleasures of scuba-diving, desert safaris, fishing, and golf playing. Red Sea Egypt is regarded as the best place for relaxation for people who visit Egypt. Red Sea Egypt is also the Sinai coasts with its coves, beaches and natural or religious sites. Sti-travel can guide you on all that needs to be done or seen in and around the place.

Red Sea Egypt is known for its mountain ranges that are red and mineral-rich in its contents. Mariners visiting the coast of the Red Sea name the sea as Mare Rostrum. The Red Sea of Egypt is famous for its rich coral reefs and teeming underwater life Red Sea ports are the departure points for snorkeling, diving and fishing excursions.

The Red Sea Egypt is located on the eastern coast of Mainland Egypt that borders this sea and the shores of the Sinai Peninsula. Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheikh are two coast cities that should not be missed. Sti-Travel can arrange wonderful vacations to these scenic beach resorts with a direct international flight to Cairo, and a short internal flight to Sharm or Hurghada - or overland by car or bus.

The weather of Red Sea Egypt remains moderate throughout the year, with calm shores, which makes the journey to the sea a wonderful experience. Many hotels are available on or near the beach offering comfortable accommodation with all basic, modern amenities. Red Sea Egypt also boasts of professional and fully equipped diving centers and certified divers to help you out in your diving attempts or take you to incredible diving sites.

Other tourist attractions of Red Sea Egypt are the monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul, the Monastery of St Catherine & Mount Moses, the Colored Canyon, desert safaris and more. Further information regarding Red Sea Egypt, Egypt & Red Sea Tour, Luxury Nile Cruise, Egypt Hurghada, Egypt Tour Packages, and Egypt Hotel Hurghada can be obtained from the site of