Travel companies that specialize in Greece offer several Greece travel packages for tourists to deleve into the mystique of this enchanting part of the world. Depending on your budget and holiday expectations Greece travel companies customize their itineraries to your needs. Personalization of an individual Greece travel package ensures that you enjoy what you like and not what is forced on you. To encourage timely planning, they offer discounts on itineraries should you book trips in advance.

The Greece holiday leisure market is split into two. This division is mainly around the itineraries: FIT Travel (often known as foreign indpenedent travel) and group travel. For the FIT traveler, Greece travel companies customize the Greece tour packages around you and your tastes. As suggested by the name, group travel consists of several often like minded tourists travelling together. The group may be as small as 5 - 6 people or a group of more than ninety people, however this depends on the traveler's requirements and preferences. Of course factors such as the cost of airline tickets, group hotel rates and activities come into play when the Greece travel company prepares the group itinerary. The group travel itinerary is relatively cheaper than a tailor-created Greece tour package, but also more complicated to plan if you consider the other tourists to Greece. Hence the development of standard group Greece tour packages.

For those who would like to understand the culture and the spirit of the Greek people, a tour focused on the Greek mythology and philosophy is just the thing. Greece is renowned for its ancient heritage; from Plato's age old wisdom, to the discovery of the acropolis of Athens, one is bound to retrace the steps of the ancients in Temples such as the Temple of Apollo in Delphi and the many excavation sites throughout Greece and the Greek Isles. For the most cultural infusion, attending cultural festivals and events in Thessaloniki, capital of central Macedonia, is very allluring.

For the romantic at heart the romantic island of Santorini with its beautiful sunsets and panoramic natural vistas is an unforgettable discovery. The charming village of Oia is considered one of the most romantic places on the island. For those who want to frolic under the sun on the beaches, there are a handful of beaches to choose from. If you want to be close to Athens the beaches at Evia offer lively experiences. For the scenic clear blue waters Myknonos offers amzing options. The key is to know what you want and pick a Greece travel package that meets your yearning desires for discovery of this fascinating place.