Some few years ago, Dubai was just a very small village which sustained itself on the heritage of gem and glamour as well as pearl diving. However, the discovery of oil in this village transformed it into what is now called the luxurious Dubai. Little wonder a lot of people want to go on Dubai vacations yearly.

In just a few years, Dubai has risen to the international scene of vacations (thanks to the discovery of oil). Today, Dubai houses the world tallest tower (BurjKhalifa), the world's only seven-star hotel (Bur Al Arab) which happens to also be the tallest hotel in the world, the Dubai fountain which is one of the best dancing fountain in the world, the largest mall in the world (Dubai Mall), the Palm Islands which are three artificial islands in the shape of a date palm tree and many more tourist attractions.

With all these tourist sites mentioned above, you might be wondering why someone might not want to go on Dubai vacations. Well, the reason is very simple. A person might not want to go on Dubai vacation if he or she dislikes enjoyment and hate to see beautiful and luxurious things and places even though it might be difficult to find such a person.

All year round, people are always on a flight to Dubai for vacations, tours, honeymoon, family reunion, shopping and so on. The place is one where you can reach the peak of enjoyment because everything is just in place. It is a known fact that all hands are not equal and this is why there are different Dubai tour packages so that everyone can pick the package that best fits his or her budget.

From the above, it can be seen that not having so much money cannot be a reason not to visit this wonderland. You should find time to be with your family in an environment that provides everything you need to have a fulfilled trip. STI Travels offer different types of Dubai vacation deals for those who want to have a feel of the experience in Dubai's numerous tourist sites.

Most of the packages for Dubai vacations cover almost everything including hotel accommodation, feeding, sites tour, local taxes, local transport and many more depending on the package you paid for. The packages are very cheap when compared to the satisfaction that will be derived at the end of the tour, trip, vacation or honeymoon.

Are you that person who is considering going on a tour, vacation, trip, or honeymoon and you need the experience to be worthwhile? If yes, then you should consider going on a vacation in Dubai. It is cheap and the experience is worth your money and time.