Red Sea holiday is a get-away where an individual or family can enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Red Sea holidays are very popular among those who want to avoid the hassle of crowded cities.

During Red Sea holidays you will enjoy beautiful scenery, breathtaking locales, and various water activities. Sun and sea vacationer coming to Egypt favor Red Sea holidays or a Nile cruise. Egypt has now become one of the most popular and widely appreciated tourist destinations.

Tourists coming to Egypt are bound to fall in love with Egypt's glorious past, rich history, and spectacular surroundings. Red Sea holidays can be arranged through a travel agency that offers the best in quality and service. STI Travel is such a travel agency that arranges Egypt & Red Sea tour for you. Along with Red Sea holidays, STI suggests tours to a choice of sites.

Over the years people have enjoyed Red Sea holidays on a Mystique Egypt holidays, pyramids and ancient monuments. This is one place which offers something for everyone.

As far as history goes, the Egyptians were the first to attempt a mission of exploration in the Red Sea. The Red Sea lies between arid land, desert and semi-desert and the main reason why people choose Red Sea holidays is its year-round sunny climate.

The most striking aspect of Red Sea holidays is the wealth of its waters. The Red Sea is a rich and diverse ecosystem comprising a multitude of marine fauna species and the largest variety of coral reefs in the world. If you love to indulge in water sports or like to delve deep into the sea, Red Sea holidays should be ideal for you.

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