Going to Athens has always been one of my biggest dreams and when it finally happened I did it all with Central Holidays and their excellent Greece Travel Packages.

My wife and I had been wanting to go for a long time but we just couldn’t find any affordable Greece vacation packages anywhere, until we found Central Holidays of course

There were so many different things we wanted to see in Greece but Athens was the real choice destination for me and the misses so that’s where we decided to go for a couple of weeks and let me tell you was it ever amazing.

The Greece travel packages offered were all very affordable and there were various choices as well so finding what we wanted really wasn’t hard at all. So off we went to explore Athens and let me tell you was it ever worth it!

At first we just decided to relax for a while and explore Athens on foot and by local transportation because we really wanted to get a feel for the culture, and of course for some of the food too. After we did a little shopping and ate some lamb with tzatziki sauce and some of the freshest tomatoes with feta I’ve ever tasted we decided to go see some sights for the next few days.

We wanted to see so many different sites like:

  • The Parthenon
  • Temples
  • Athenian National Garden
  • Ancient Greek Temples, and more

First we really wanted to see some nature and we got just that. There were so many beautiful flowers and plants in the National Garden of Athens it was breathtaking. We also saw the Pnyx and Aeropagus, both amazing sights of nature in themselves.

We weren’t done yet though because with this amazing and affordable Greece vacation package we had more than enough cash to go see as many sights as we wanted.

The next part of our tour of Athens took us to several amazing temples, real feats of architecture that still stand out in my mind today. Temples like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, The Temple of Hephaestus, and of course we couldn’t miss out on seeing the great columns of the Parthenon either!

After we decided to relax a few more days this excellent Greece travel package made us want to go see some more history and culture so we decided to hit up some awesome museums and other cultural must sees in Greece. We visited the Acropolis, the national Archaeological museum, and the Panathenaic stadium too.

The last few days we spent hanging around in some great places and hives of cultural activity such as the Monastiraki, Plaka, and Omonioa Square; all great places to go when you want to minglewith the locals and experience so greatfood and shopping.

All of this was made possible with Central Holidays and their amazing and very affordable Greece vacation package.