Portugal is a city blessed with scenic beauty and panoramic beaches. With its extensive and rugged coastline and the architecturally stunning towns, Portugal is truly a popular tourist destination. The place is not centrally connected with other countries making it less crowded, hence providing a better experience for tourists.

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Ever wondered what will you do when visiting Portugal? Well, fasten your seat belts as we are going to take you to a brief ride into the dazzling world of the Portuguese architecture and tourists attractions. Top few things you must do when visiting this picturesque country are these:

1. Visit Lisbon! – The city is compact yet has a long and colorful history. The mystique and friendliness of the locals will surely enthrall you and make you fell in love with this city. Castle of St. George isbeautiful place from the antiquity.

2. Take a trip to Batalha- Batalha is a Gothic masterpiece; it was built in 1388 and was protected as a World Heritage Monument. It’s mammoth and impressive doorways and the exquisitely gorgeous and well-crafted interior is surely a treat for the eyes. The building has 7 unfinished chapels with no rooftops as well.

3. Enjoy yourself in the water- The small university town Aveiro lies around 45 miles south of Porto city. This city is known as the “Venice of Portugal” as it’s built on canals. It’s a popular tourist spot for adventurous water sports such as windsurfing and surfing.

4. Listen to Fado- Fado is the musical culture and identity of the Portugal and its people. With its 200 years history and the haunting and emotional music, Fado will surely captivate you and will provide you with an insight to the country’s tradition as well. It’s inspired to be known as “Sad Music” and is mostly sung by individuals in bars and restaurants during dinner.

5. Tour the oldest Coimbra– Coimbra is yet another university city and is named the world’s ninth-oldest campus. The city has a renowned and stunning library; also it has a wide range of churches and gardens as well. Students have their parties in Coimbra every Tuesday and Thursdays.

6. Explore beauty in Sintra – “perhaps in every respect the most delightful town in Europe”, this is a writing by Lord Byron in the 18th century. The town is filled with huge palaces, extensive museum artifacts and wonderful views for you to enjoy.

7. Visit Porto- the Wine Port- Do you like having wine? The illustrious port wine was originated in Porto therefore visiting Cais De Gaia’s port wine cellars is a must! You can have a boozy week here after travelling the surrounding valleys and their vineyards. The port also has some beautiful architecture and boats as well!