Greece travel holidays with ‘Central Holidays’ are dream come true. I loved that the tour included the archaeological sites as well the magnificent beaches and the day trips to various Greek islands. Athens is steeped in history and includes a tour of the ruins of cities that are thousands of years old. On the other hand the island trips last the day but they showcase ancient Greece beautifully. I particularly enjoyed my trip to Rhodes and was amazed how the island showcases the various European cultures.

Greece travel holidays are a blend of the ancient and the modern and you tend to like both aspects. Mykonos has fascinating with its whitewashed houses with painted doors and windows and the narrow marble alleyways to walk in. Mykonos is totally modern with all night bars and dancing yet one loves the pelicans walking on the waterfront. At Santorini I got to see and touch the deep blue of the Aegean Sea and do a winery tour and a little scuba diving.

While in Greece must visit places

  • Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis and surrounding ruins, Theatre of Dionysus and
  • the Ancient Agora of Socrates – Athens
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus and it colossal fallen columns – Athens
  • Panathenaic Stadium – Athens
  • Archaeological Museum of Heraklion – Crete,
  • Temple of Apollo and Delphi Archaeological Museum- Delphi
  • The Palace of the Grand Master and also the Street of the Knights – Rhodes
  • Archaeological, Folklore and Maritime Museums- Mykonos

“Since I love history I really enjoyed my trip to the seat of this ancient civilization with the guide arranged by my travel company so I understood all the history. If you would like a comfortable and affordable holiday visit the company website so they can make the best arrangements for your trip too. I also liked that they showed me the best places where I could get to eat Greek foods like spanakopita and baklava. I also loved the arranged cruise trips to the various islands like Delphi and Crete.”

I took my vacation with ‘Central Holidays’ because they customized my tour package to Greece according to what I wanted to see. I was quite happy with the arrangements as we stayed in Athens and took day trips to other places of interest like a visit to Corinth, the place where St. Paul lived and preached.

What I also liked was that I arrived in Greece while the ‘Hellenic Festival’ was on. This is Greece’s top cultural event and the pride of the people. I was glad of the chance to view ‘Electra, the Last Blood’ which provided me an insight into ancient Greek heritage. It also gave me a chance to meet with the people and enjoy their warmth and a Greek salad with ouzo, liquor ice – flavored drink.